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Christian Spiritual Formation and Recovery Services

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my service.
As a Christian and counselor, I enjoy comforting others with the nurture that I experience in Christ and the Comforter.

Over thirty years ago I was desperate for help, and didn't know what to do or where to go for help. I was twenty at the time, and had suffered daily panic attacks since middle school. The professional help I received was moral and reasonably effective, but it was not Christ-centered. When I added psychology as a double major at the Christian school I was attending, I was certain that I'd find answers grounded in the Scripture, but I didn't.

Since that time I've dedicated my life to a sensitive and practical integration of Christian faith and practice with the science of clinical psychology. In the process I've cobbled together my Iceberg Method of Christian Spiritual Formation and Recovery™. With this nine-step system I'm 'training you to become your own counselor with faith in the Father, Son, and Spirit.' 

Now, I routinely provide a variety of services to a wide range of problems presented by individuals, couples, families, and churches. If you sense that I might be a good fit for your concerns, please contact me.

Enjoying Life in Christ and by the Spirit, 

Rob Jackson, MS, LPC

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about my Iceberg Model of TransformationTM, I encourage you to watch a recorded teleclass that prepared for my clients' aftercare teleclasses. 


To equip today's Christian with resources, coaching, counseling, workshops, and conferences that cultivate devotion to God, personal integrity, comprehensive wellness, and relational intimacy with others. 


    To prioritize, protect, and             cherish:
  • the sanctity of life
  • marriage between male and female
  • the creation and rearing of children
  • personal responsibility and integrity


     To make a difference by: 
  • Embracing life in Christ and by the Spirit so that our Father's desires are realized individually and collectively. 
  • Serving the secular community with genuine interest, respect, and tolerance while maintaining steadfast devotion to God.